11 days and counting..

To all of our family and friends,

We are so glad you were able to wander over to our little page here and join us on this new chapter in our lives.  On December 16th of 2016, not only will Joseph and I be joining together in marriage, but we are in fact creating a new family. Together with our children, we are excited about this next phase in our lives and look forward to this journey, all of  us together.

So much planning is underway! We spent much of the day running errands, solidifying details, and preparing for our special day. Our biggest achievement is we were able to pick up our marriage license. Its all beginning to feel very real and I couldn’t be more excited.

Several friends and family members have reached out in the last few days asking if we were planning to register for our wedding. While we would not expect to receive any gifts, we are more than grateful for those whom chose to do so. We have registered at both Target as well as Amazon (I have included a quick link below as well). Even more importantly, we ask that you continue to pray for our family; not only us as two individuals preparing for marriage, but for our children as well.

We look forward to sharing this special day with all the people that mean the most to us. Please check back for updates on our wedding and be prepared to be bombarded with pics and stories about our amazing kiddos!